Nikolay Pavlov – Founder and CEO
Mountain Guide /Splitboard Guide / Mountain Bike Guide / Snowboard Instructor

When I began snowboarding there were only a handful of riders and the sport was just emerging. We experimented with cutting snowboards, adjusting old boots, and revamping bindings. There were no concepts of powder days and first lines, just pure fun and all the snow in the world.
Things slowly began getting more serious I started gaining more and more experience and looking deeper into the mountains. I found new possibilities, new lines, tons of snow and many laughs. The mountains taught me to enjoy having less than what I need, to move lightly, leaving a gentle a trace as possible and to treasure the warmth of a friend. But they also told me the tale of responsibility, error and consequence.
My passion for the mountains led me to the Himalayas in 1994 and I was enchanted by their peaks and beauty. Slowly I began exploring the mountains in summer and discovered the art of climbing. So I started looking at things professionally and now hold a Snowboard Instructor qualification Level “3” and international ISIA , a Professional Mountain Leader UIMLA qualification and in 2009 became the first Bulgarian Splitboard Guide. From 2016 I hold International MIAS qualification – MBL2 – Mountain Bike Leader Award.

Pavel Peev
Mountain Guide / Splitboard Guide /Snowboard Instructor

My love with snowboarding and riding white peaks far from the resorts and crowds made me want to spend more and more time in the mountains during both winter and summer months. I started rock climbing and mountain biking when there was a lack of snow. During the summertime, I also find pleasure exploring distant Greek islands on a sea kayak. After years of experience and numerous unforgettable moments, I decided that I want to turn the mountains into more than a hobby and become a mountain guide. Currently a certified Mountain Leader UIMLA qualification and I hold level “1” Snowboard Instructor qualification.


Stoimen Petkov – Bimbata
Mountain Guide

Growing up in a family of mountaineers, I have the incredible chance and luck to discover the magic and beauty of the mountain since childhood. For more than twenty years I have been relaxing my mind and soul from the tense and gray daily life of the big city, touring the mountains in Bulgaria and Europe. I have seen and felt the “power” of the mountain on both sides, and the more I travel and discover new things, the more I realize you have to be prepared for everything, and if you are not – better to be with someone, which is. In the mountains, besides everything, you have the opportunity to find People. Because there people are mainly with “P”. So, in 2015, I happened to meet some People, who turned out to be the People with whom we became Friends, who changed my vision of the mountain and I am already part of the team. Currently a certified Mountain Leader UIMLA qualification.

Kostadin Milov – Tedo
Snowboard Instructor

Живях в полето, израстнах в Родопа, и станах човек в Пирин!
Открих сноуборда, когато бях все още ученик, а от 2010 г. започнах и да преподавам.
From 2016 Snowboard Instructor qualification Level “3” and international ISIA , като преподавам както на начинаещи, така и на по-напреднали да усъвършенстват техниката си на каране. В търсене на по-различни усещания по-навътре в планината се запалих по сплитбординга през зимата и планиското колоездене през лятото.
Страстта към зимната планина доведе и до проекта “Prey for snow”, реализиран с помощта на група приятели, имащ за цел да популяризира планинската култура.

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